Halfaya Storage Tank

Durrat Alkhaleej Company has completed one of the best projects in the south of Iraq for Halfaya oil field in favor of Ministry of Oil/Missan Oil Company

Project started on August 2013 and was completed on the specified time and allocated budget within 8 month.

Implementation was completed in several stages, beginning with engineering design prepared solely by our own engineers including all the designs and schematics required by the project.

After completion of the design and schematics, our qualified engineers began the procurement stage, the second stage of our implementation on this project. This included importing all the equipment & raw materials from the best companies in the world needed to perform and execute the project’s work.

As soon as the design and the procurement of the project were completed, the project team started with the construction, the final stage of delivering the Halfaya Oil Field project, which will produce the oil reserve tank and be ready to use.

Halfaya tank was completed by Durrat Alkhaleej company on behalf of PetroChina Chinese company with a total capacity of 30000 m3 (Cubic Meter).


This project is one of the most important projects that Durrat AlKhaleej has a big role to make it successful.

The project of oil well drilling in Nasiriya & Basra -SOC-Iraq was done by Weatherford Oil Service Middle East Ltd. Company ("WFT"), and the role of Durrat AlKhaleej was to provide logistic support in relation to rig & equipment moving services.

The contract was signed in 2006 which Durrat AlKhaleej was responsible on providing all the services for the workers that includes residence services and security guarding in the most difficult circumstances that Iraq been through also DaK supplied them with local workers.

The project has been accomplished in time and it was less than the limit time that the project needs and this approve the loyalty of Dak workers to deliver best services to their customers.