About Durrat Al Khaleej Trading

Durrat Al-Khaleej (DaK) is a company registered in the UAE and now is under registration in Iraq as DurratAlKhaleej for trade and contracting to match with the company work as an EPC company.What makes us different is the flexibility and the experience to do all these tasks efficiently.DaK is the first Iraqi company in the (EPC) category alongside a Joint venture with Ibn Majed Company for Engineering Industries.The company has great local knowledge to evaluate the country’s circumstances and work accordingly with them.

The company’s strategy is to make turnkey projects; end to end (EPC)

EPC stands for:

  • E: Engineering which includes many stages starting from simple designs to detailed designs with clear engineering points, also carrying out feasibility studies and other actions that include training workers.
  • P: Procurement which means providing and purchasing equipment and engineering materials which they have been specified in the previous step and insuring that they are of the world best origins by the help of many specialist who have good experience to determine the best quality and the best price.
  • C: Construction which also includes several stages beginning from civil works to installations of the equipment as defined by the previous two steps

Infact Durrat Al-Khaleej is the project manager catalyst that includes all the above mentioned activities, and has several joint ventures with international companies which perform as contractors and sub-contractors.